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Accountant Client Agreement

e. Replacement of Prior Agreements: This Agreement constitutes the sole and exclusive agreement of the Parties and supersedes all prior agreements or written or oral agreements between the Parties that comply with the subject matter of this Agreement. The first statement begins with the documentation of the date on which both parties enter into this agreement. To do this, you must record this calendar month and calendar day in the first blank line and the year in the second blank line. The accounting officer must be mentioned in this declaration. So look for the field called „accountant“ and indicate the legal name of the mandated accountant. You must consolidate the identity of this entity by specifying its mailing address in the following three blank lines. The client who intends to engage the aforementioned accountant through these documents must have indicated his full name in the blank line marked „client“. His postal address must also be indicated here. Use the last three blank lines to indicate the address, location, and status of the customer`s mailing address. The supplier is considered at all times as an independent contractor.

Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as meaning or justifying any partnership, joint venture or employer-employee relationship between Supplier and Customer. The supplier does not have the power to enter into or enter into agreements on behalf of the customer and does not give any warranties or representations as such. The signature area under the declaration („In Witness Whereof… „) has sufficient space for the accountant and the client to formally conclude this agreement. The accountant must sign the blank line marked „Accountant`s signature“ and then produce the date of signature on the empty line called „date“. In addition, the accountant must print his name in the „Print name“ line. The customer must also provide an exporter`s signature. He or she must sign the „Customer`s Signature“ line, then indicate his or her signature date in the adjacent line. Once this has been done, the customer must present their printed name in the „Print Name“ line. 5. Duration of the contract.

This Agreement shall enter into force ___________ A checklist allows you to define the services that the accountant must provide to comply with this agreement. In this way, you designate services such as „credit accounting“, „deposit accounting“, „bank comparison“, „bill payment“, „budget preparation“, „customer-specific reports“, „Detailed annual accounts“, „general accounting“, „pay slip and cheque register“ and/or „other“ services, simply by activating the corresponding control box. . . .

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