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Snodgrass, J. G., Vanderwart, M. (1980). A standardized set of 260 images: standards for nominative tuning, visual tuning, familiarity and visual complexity. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Learning and Memory, 6, 174-215. doi:10.1037/0278-7393.6.2.174 The image function includes several processing steps. The first step is the detection of the object, which involves the activation of the visual or structural representation of the object, which results in the activation of semantic representations of the object. The next and central step in demennizing the image is lexical access. According to Levelt, Roelofs and Meyers (1999) influential model, lexical access is done in two stages: the selection of Lemma and phonological coding. The levelt et al. model postulates three levels of treatment: conceptual or semantic representations, Lemmas and Lexeme. Lemma`s selection includes the diffusion of activation from semantic representations of the object to be named to Lemmas (non-phonological representations of words). The most activated lemma is selected.

Phonological coding consists of the activation and selection of the lexe (or phonological form of the word) according to the target lemma. Regulated TLDs. In the case of domain name registrations in a „regulated TLD,“ you recognize and accept that your registration is subject to the following additional requirements: (1) compliance with applicable laws, including privacy, data collection, consumer protection (including misleading and misleading behaviour), fairness of loans, collection, organic farming, disclosure of data and financial disclosure; 2. When collecting and cultivating sensitive health and financial data, you must take appropriate and proportionate security measures in accordance with applicable legislation. Regulated LTDs include, among other things, the following. Note that does not necessarily support all these TLDs: .accountant, .accountants, .app, .architect, .art, .associates, .audio, .author, .band, .beats, .bio, .book (and IDN equivalent), .broadway, .broker, .brokers, .capital, .care, .cash, .cashbackbonus, .city, .claims, .clinic, .cloud (and equientval IDN), credit, .data, ..,degree, .dental, .design, .diet, .digital, .discount, .earth, .eco, .eco, engineer, .entertainment, .exchange, .fan, .finance .fund, .game, .games, .gives, .giving, .gratis, .green, .health, .healthcare, .healthy (IDN Chinese equivalent), .heart, .hiphop, .hiphop, .hiv, .insure, .juegos, .kids, .kind,, .lease, .legal, .limited, .loan, .loan, .market, .market, .mba, .med, .med, .media, .money, .mortgage, .movie, .music, .netbank, .news, .online, .organic, .pay, .payu, .payu, . physio, .pictures, .play, .radio, .realtor,.re, .reit, .retirement, .sale, .. . school, .show, .show, .show, .software, .song, .tax, .theater, .theatre, .tour, .tour, .town, .town, .trading, .travelersinsurance, .tunes, .tvs, .vermogensberatung, .vet, .video, .weather and .zip.

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