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Agreement Reality

The difference between these terms is that, while consensual reality describes a state of mutual agreement about what is true (consensus is a noun), consensual reality describes a kind of consensus about what is true (an adjective is consensual). In other words, reality cannot be consensual either, as when one person`s privileged version of reality conflicts with another person`s privileged version of reality. Consensual reality is relevant to understanding a multitude of social phenomena such as deception. [9] We live in a world of convergence reality, it happens all the time around us. People who disagree with prevailing views often remain silent because of the spiral of silence. The heart of this theory, developed by the German political scientist Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, is that if one opposes a well-received social agreement, one risks being thrown from the campfire and being eaten by wolves. I wish the aeration and approval worked, and I walked away from those calls and felt better…

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