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Alberta Teachers Collective Agreement 2018

The Teachers` Employer Bargaining Association (TEBA) is a legal association created by the Public Education Collective Bargaining Act, which represents the province`s school boards in collective bargaining for all public, separate and francophone teachers in Alberta. If you are part of a bargaining unit that has ratified its 2018-2020 collective agreement, this new contract will appear below as soon as it has been prepared, read and fully signed by all parties. If not listed below, you can check out the ratified agreements here (see local negotiations in the negotiation updates). ATA (Alberta Teachers` Association) Duly Signed Documents: 2018-2020 In the first phase, TEBA is negotiating with the Alberta Teachers` Association (ATA) on provincial issues affecting all teachers and employers to create a provincial memorandum. The points of the province`s Memorandum of Agreement merge with the local agreement for a collective agreement. If your bargaining unit has not entered into negotiations with your school jurisdiction, employers cannot change arbitrary pay or working conditions. The expired collective agreements will continue to be in place until a new agreement is ratified. ATA (Alberta Teachers` Association) Collective Agreement: 1. September 2018 – August 31, 2020 – DRAFT IUOE (International Union of Operating Engineers) Collective Agreement: September 1, 2018 – August 31, 2023 Negotiations for the 2018-2020 cycle of the 61 public, separate and French-speaking school jurisdictions are underway. In May 2017, TEBA and ATA ratified an agreement for the 2016/17 and 2017/18 school years. This Memorandum of Understanding 2016 – 2018 (PDF, 895 KB) applies to school leaders and teachers working in Alberta for 12 separate, French-speaking public school authorities. . CAAMSE (Central Alberta Association of Municipal and School Employees) Collective Agreement: September 1, 2015 – August 31, 2019 The Board of Directors gives TEBA management and a negotiating mandate.

The Board of Directors, in consultation with the Representation Committee, voted in favour of ratifying the agreement reached at the province`s negotiating table. Eight government officials and seven school board administrators form a board of directors to lead TEBA.

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