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Bc Ferry Workers Collective Agreement

BC Ferries employs approximately 4,200 union employees, of whom 3,100 are regular and the remaining 1,100 are casual workers. The company also employs about 450 seasonal workers during the summer. In the days that followed, the BC Ferry and Marine Workers Union filed a complaint claiming that BC Ferries had violated the collective agreement. On April 3, employees were informed that the company would temporarily lay off hundreds of employees due to the sharp decline in ferry traffic in the country. The independent arbitrator notes that: That the layoffs violated the collective agreement According to the quarterly report of the ferry service, BC Ferries lost $62 million , which is in stark contrast to the net profit of $12.2 million in the same quarter of 2019. As of June 30, 2020, first-quarter revenue was $137.4 million, down $109 million from the previous year. Arbitrator John B. Hall found that the dismissals were contrary to the collective agreement between BC Ferries and the union. In Hall`s September 28 decision, he stated that the company had no right to place regular employees in the „off duty“ and that employees should have continued to be paid in accord with negotiated compensation plans. In six days, some 425 permanent workers and some 690 casual workers were informed of their temporary redundancies. These employees were told that BC Ferries did not know when service levels would return to normal, but that every effort would be made to recall them „as soon as [BC Ferries] can.“ „If Aidan had been born earlier or anywhere else, our story would be completely different“ Carmen Robinson, 17, was seen in December 1973 as she got off a bus at View Royal „Paramedics are not limited to a geographical area“ – READHs AUSSI: Feds `life preserver` funds to BC Ferries as sinks revenuecreased substance of one use of theways people are coping . Corrective measures, such as wage arrears, benefits and damages, will be provided to BC Ferries and the union to find a solution. Starting in May, BC Ferries began recalling some of its employees, and on July 2, all regular and casual workers were called back to work.

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(Kendra Crighton/News Staff) „The employer`s decision undoubtedly disrupted the lives of its employees and, in times of crisis, denied them compensation and their work identity.

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