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Citrix Enterprise License Agreement

Flexible agreements and public procurement optimised to meet the changing needs of businesses. Program simplicity Sign up for a single, simple online agreement that covers all Citrix Eligible products to make it easier to shop across your enterprise now and in the future. Licensing programs for the industrial sector. The Enterprise License Agreement program uses a points system and has 6 steps. Each step, with the exception of the first, corresponds to a number of points according to which the amount of the discount is determined. The program is only available if certain purchasing requirements are met. and can be increased for subsequent orders. Enterprise License Agreement customers have access to the Citrix Executive program and the My Citrix online portal. CCU is a concurrent license, if a user separates the connection to a session, the license is released and is available to other users. They are used when access to the resource (z.B 1C) is required for random users in the enterprise, whose number is less than half the total number of users. Suppose that out of 1000 employees in the company do not use more than 300 1C. Citrix GoToMeeting at the same time; Citrix GoToWebinar; Citrix GoToAssist; Citrix GoToTraining User/Device – When connecting to a Citrix resource, the license is removed from the license pool for a period of 90 days and is linked to either the user account or the device, based on internal algorithms to analyze the calculation of the rational use of licenses built into the operation of the Citrix license server. If the license server recognizes that the license issued is used by the same user from different devices (it often does), it is linked to the user.

If different users are working from the same device (for example.B. call center employees), and then on the device. For example, out of 1000 employees of the company, 1C employs more than 50% of its employees during the period under review. Interestingly, XenApp licenses in their pure form can only be CCU. While XenDesktop licenses (and their XenApp in Enterprise/Platinum editions) are both CCU and user/device….

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