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Consent And Indemnity Agreement Car Insurance

This „may“ cover damage caused by inclement weather, i.e. flood, hail, wind, unless this is particularly excluded from your policy. Although most insurance companies exclude on your policy what they perceive as a „force majeure case“. It is therefore at their discretion. This is very, very important! This is the basic principle of insurance. That`s what your insurance company promises! Your insurance will ask you to report all changes A good example of the impact of an exclusion on you: you have taken out your insurance on a full price comparison page, but you have not included „arrival and departure“, your policy will be cheaper, but you would not be insured if you have an accident on the way to work! Often you will notice that insurance companies do not apply an additional charge for a policy for up to 3 smaller mods, so it is in your interest to get their attention, not to give and excuse them, not to pay !. . .

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