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Corteva Trait Agreement

We offer manufacturers clean, readable and breeder agreements with a simple online user interface. „This collaboration demonstrates Corteva Agriscience`s commitment to providing producers with more choice and helping them increase productivity and profitability,“ said Tony Klemm, global corn leader, Corteva Agriscience. „The combination of Corn Rootworm III with Corteva Agriscience`s molecular battery to fight insects and the enlists corn feature will allow our customers to protect yield while extending the durability of insect ownership technology. Trait technology safety data sheets provide producers with information on human health protection, workplace safety, environmental protection and emergency response support. Click here to see the latest feature technology security data sheets. Corteva, as a feature developer, helps ensure that features are grown and marketed in a way that meets all regulatory requirements. Breeders must sign an agreement to use the technology before receiving, planting or growing seeds with Corteva properties, including the Enlist property. The annual technology notification, which provides you with important information about Corteva Sourced Technologies` new and existing technologies, as well as all new or modified conditions of the technology usage agreement, will be included in the technology usage agreement. Corteva Agriscience helps farmers understand and carry out their cereal and marketing tasks.

The Chinese government requires a full safety assessment of all imported biotech events. In addition, in order to obtain approval for the importation of cereals or by-products from biotechnographic crops, grain traders must present a safety certificate obtained by the designer of biotechnographic characteristics. Monsanto`s global approach to licensing continues to provide farmers with valuable and inexpensive tools when they need them most,“ said Calvin Treat, Monsanto`s Global Soy and Corn Technology Lead. „We see this agreement as a confirmation of the new way of doing Monsanto`s maizeworm III to farmers, as it builds on products planted today by adding a new RNAi mode of action that increases efficiency against one of the industry`s most destructive insects. Corn root worm III provides increased control and additional durability against corn root worms through three different protection methods. Through the use of RNAi, we can target and control rootworms with a new mode of action different from the Bt class of proteins used in other insect control products. Corteva Agriscience, DowDuPont`s agriculture division, and Monsanto Co. announced a licensing agreement for the next generation of corn insect control technologies for the United States and Canada, which will expand options for farmers in the fight against corn root worms, known as „billions of bows“ for the damage they cause.

With its ability to cross-reference existing license numbers when registering breeders with producers, our ownership license solution minimizes confusion and unnecessary costs. The easy-to-access system provides breeders with the ability to electronically sign producer characteristics and seed licenses. This next-generation product combines corva Agriscience s molecular stack to fight the insects and with Monsanto III`s cornworm and MON89034 (Bt) to create a broad-spectrum insect control product with multiple production modes for surface and underground pests. Pending current regulatory audits, the Enlist is proposing a tolerant corn-tolerant feature, which offers tolerance to new 2,4-D-choline and FOP herbicides in addition to the basic tolerance of glyphosate.

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