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Dealership Agreement Sample In Bangla

11. that the company has the right to appoint negotiators, agents, sellers, etc., to the basis of salaries or commissions, but provided that they work strictly under the terms of this agreement. E. The performance of this concession contract by the company and the performance by the company of its obligations and obligations under this agreement do not contra to an agreement to which the company is a party or to which it is bound in other words, and this agreement is concluded in this context……………. Day of ………… 1999 between AB and commercial activity at ………………… under the name and style of AB -Co. (hereafter the manufacturer, whose term must encompass its successors of interest) of the One Part and the CD that is under …………………… (hereafter referred to as the distributor whose concept includes its successors and the beneficiaries of the transfer) of the other party, with the following effect: z.B. comprehensive agreement. This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the proposed transactions and replaces all previous written and oral agreements as well as all concurrent oral agreements relating to these transactions.

9. If the contract is terminated, the annual accounts are paid within 14 days. The company recovers all unsold inventory and pays the account. If you are a dealer or manufacturer, you must have a legal agreement between the manufacturer and the distributor. This document can help you prepare your and your best understanding. G. The obligations of the recipient party under this section 6 remain in the event of termination or non-renewal of that contract for a period of [number of years] of years. In order to avoid any doubt, the distributor`s client and negotiator lists are considered protected information under this agreement. d.

Sub-agents. The distributor may designate sub-agents, negotiators, sub-representatives or others who act on behalf of the distributor or otherwise fulfill the distributor`s obligations under this agreement within the territory; provided that (i) any compensation for these sub-agents, sub-agents, sub-representatives or other persons, to act on behalf of the distributor or to discharge any other of the distributor`s obligations, is exclusively the responsibility of the distributor, and (ii) that appointment does not deprive the entity of the essential rights to which it is entitled under this Agreement. An agreement with this sub-agent, negotiator, deputy representative or any other person does not exceed the duration of this agreement. (2) that the company`s designation as a trader remains in effect for three years from the date of this agreement, but that this agreement may be renewed for the same period, under the conditions that can be settled between the parties on that date. 8. That the company is doing everything in its power to encourage the sale of the business. If the company feels that the company is not interested in an appropriate way, it can terminate the distributor within one month. CONSIDERING that the manufacturer manufactures electronic and electrical products of different varieties. 5. This promotional material is made available to the company in sufficient quantities by the company to be able to display it in the sales depot and for distribution in the areas of its operation. AND the company decided, after reviewing the company`s proposals, to name the company. This agreement is reached on this subject…….

Day of ………………… On………….. b. distribution ropion for renewal. The distributor has the option of extending the agreement for an additional period of [additional year of figures] by sending a written prior notification to the company within [numbers of days at the end of the deadline] days following the end of the initial period of the agreement.

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