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Marriage Agreement Lawyer

BC marriage agreements are only effective and applicable if you follow several rules. If you break one or more rules, the marriage contract can be easily terminated or terminated. That`s why it`s best to consult a marriage contract lawyer and let them make the deal for you. Marriage contracts are like insurance: you pay $2000 a year for your car insurance, why not invest a fraction of it in a BC marriage contract that could save you property if the relationship doesn`t work? It is also important that both parties receive independent legal advice from separate lawyers. Often, one of the spouses will hire a family lawyer to create the separation agreement. The lawyer will then send the agreement to the other spouse for verification. This spouse then had to bring the agreement to another family lawyer for independent legal advice. This is important for both parties to understand the agreement. In addition, both spouses have the opportunity to discuss their personal concerns with a lawyer. I.L.A. makes the marriage contract much stronger, because neither party can claim that the family lawyer who drafted the agreement represents the interests of both spouses at the same time.

Spouses need to understand that planning is important, even if they don`t think they will ever be divorced. The marriage contract determines what happens to assets and debts in the event of divorce. It is also a good idea to include terms about sped assistance, child care and a child care plan. It is important to note that family judges do not have to accept the terms of the child custody marriage agreement. Family judges almost always make decisions based on what is best for children, not parents. The basic rule, however, is to deal with the concrete things that exist at the time of marriage (for example. B children from a previous relationship, existing debts and existing assets) and things that the couple can reasonably expect to happen in the short term during the marriage (. B, for example, an inheritance or a court prize). Managing things that could happen (like new children, a move to a new city or lotto winnings) is really speculative, and it`s almost impossible to know how to deal with them when the marriage ends at an unknown point in the future. If you and your future partner are considering a marriage deal, you will probably have a lot of questions about the laws and the different conditions you may encounter.

It is also extremely important to ensure that this is a valid agreement. Protect your interests by having a family lawyer check your marital agreement and give informed advice. Suppose one party hides assets from the other to pay less subjects. If this fact is later discovered by the court, it may result in an amendment or an overhaul of the marital transaction contract to reflect the new information.

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