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Reciprocal Agreement Between U.s. And Canada

(11) The competent authorities of the contracting states agree on the way in which this article is applied, including an arrangement, to ensure a level of assistance comparable to each contracting state. 2. Purchases of Canadian coverage are defined as contractual transactions to acquire real estate or services for immediate use or use by the government. The procurement process is the process that begins after a company has decided on its application and persists until the contracting is included. It does not include non-contractual agreements or any form of public assistance, including, but not only, cooperation agreements, grants, loans, equity contributions, guarantees, tax incentives and the public provision of goods and services to individuals, businesses, private institutions and subcentric governments. It does not include purchases made for commercial resale or made by a business or business by another Canadian company or company. Canada proposes to include in this „Construction Services“ schedule the federal entities listed in Schedule 1, the sub-central entities listed in Schedule 2 and the federal businesses listed in Schedule 3. The inclusion in Schedule 3 of „construction services“ for sub-central enterprises must first be fixed on or before 15 April 1994, with the final list to be submitted within 18 months of the conclusion of the new public procurement agreement. 4. In the absence of a consensual list of services covered by all contracting parties, a service referred to in Schedule 4 is covered for a given party only to the extent that that party has granted reciprocal access to that service. In accordance with Article XXIV, paragraph 6, point a), of the Public Procurement Agreement („AMP“), Canada notifies the committee of amendments to Schedule 2, Schedule 4, Schedule 5 and Schedule I general notes.

These amendments transpose the agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of the United States of America into public procurement (Canada-U.S.). Agreement that will come into force on February 16, 2010 and provides for reciprocal market access obligations at the sub-central level. These amendments have no impact on the mutually agreed coverage of other contracting parties under the GPA. After Confederation, Canadians wanted to extend the reciprocity agreement with the United States.

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