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Short Term Car Hire Agreement

OPTIONAL COVERAGES 27. In addition to the insurance coverage described above, the tenant can also choose personal accident insurance (IAP) and/or theft protection (TP) options by indicating it on the rental document. PAI and TP insurance is offered on behalf of the current insurer and the lessor acts only as an agent in the organization of this insurance. The tenant recognizes that the insurer and/or the terms and/or fees to be paid for PAI or TP may change without notice to the tenant; or the availability of PAI or TP options may be terminated to the tenant without notice. 9.1. In addition, the tenant agrees to pay a down payment of — [amount] with the landlord that must be used in the event of damage to the vehicle or loss during the term of the lease. If an agreement is reached with a second party (the client), it is important that a third party (the guarantor) vouch for it and… You can add an introductory page to your lease with Formplus. This page may contain a summary of your car contract, the owner`s name and the tenant`s name. On your introductory page, you can highlight all the information you need from the tenant before proceeding with the agreement.

The tenant is required to pay the landlord a [DOLLAR AMOUNT] deposit that will be used in the event of loss or deterioration of the rental vehicle during the term of the contract. The owner may respect a credit card of an equivalent amount instead of recovering a security deposit. In the event of a deterioration of the rental vehicle, the owner will apply this deposit to cover the necessary repair or replacement costs. If the cost of repairing or repairing damage to the rental vehicle exceeds the amount of the deposit, the tenant is responsible for paying the landlord the balance of the fee. A car rental contract clearly outlines the condition of the vehicle for rent. The vehicle is expected to be leased in good working order. You can also leave a personalized mailing message for the tenant. Your post-bid message depends largely on the next line of action after the tenant has entered into the lease.

PRIVACY ACT 28. The information requested by the tenant should allow the landlord to assess the tenant`s request to rent a vehicle. The tenant is not obliged to provide this information, but if the tenant does not, the landlord cannot rent the vehicle. The Tenant recognizes that the lessor will collect, retain and use the tenant`s personal data for purposes related to the rental of the vehicle and the provision of associated after-sales services, including direct marketing and assessment of customer satisfaction with the products and services provided by the owner. The Tenant also recognizes that such personal data may be transmitted to collection offices in the event of a late payment of the tenant in the payment of the lessor`s funds or other vehicle cancellations during the tenancy to the tenant; or agencies responsible for processing or processing trafficking-related offences; and the tenant authorizes the disclosure of their personal data for these purposes. MECHANICAL REPAIRS AND ACCIDENTS 10. If the vehicle is involved in an accident, damaged, collapses or needs to be repaired or recovered for any reason, the tenant must immediately inform the landlord by telephone of the full circumstances.

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