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Swiss Eu Agreement On Air Transport

6. Contracting parties do not grant companies, including transport companies, direct or indirect state aid to facilitate the burden of royalties under this agreement. 2.The competent Swiss authorities immediately inform the Agency and the Commission of any facts or suspicions that have been reported about an irregularity in the conclusion and implementation of contracts or agreements concluded under the instruments covered by this decision. – Council Directive 88/599/EEC, 23 November 1988, relating to standard control procedures for the implementation of Regulation (EEC) 3820/85 relating to the harmonization of certain social provisions in the field of road transport and regulation (EEC) 3821/85 relating to road transport control equipment (JO L 38 of 30. Council Directive 2000/11/EC of 20.10.1988, p. 11, finally amended by Regulation (EC) No. 2135/98 (OJ L 29.11.1988, p. 1998). JO L 274, 9.10.1998, p. 1). – A mutual recognition agreement on compliance assessment, the EDA is in close contact with the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (OFZL), which is responsible for the development of aviation policy and civil aviation regulation in Switzerland. EDA participates in important air transport negotiations with other countries and supports the OFC in international air transport meetings with an external dimension. 2.

The ticket provided for in paragraph 1 is submitted at the request of an authorized screening officer. – agreement on the transport of goods and people by rail and road, 1. The contracting parties undertake to reduce and simplify the formalities associated with offices, including customs. This agreement came into force during a period of turbulence in the air transport sector, following the grounding of Swissair on 2 October 2001. Since then, barriers to access to the European market – a factor that contributed to the collapse of Swissair – have been gradually removed. As of 1 June 2004, the agreement also allows Swiss airlines to fly between two EU member states. Prior to the signing of the Air Services Agreement in 1999, Switzerland had a large number of individual air services agreements with almost all EU Member States. These bilateral agreements are now being replaced by the air services agreement with the EU. The provisions of previous agreements now apply only if their scope or the rights they have established are more than those of the air services agreement between Switzerland and the EU. – „triangular transport with third countries“: any transport of persons or goods from the territory of one of the contracting parties to a third country and, conversely, by a vehicle registered on the territory of the other contracting party, that it travels in the country where it is registered during the same crossing and on the same normal route, 2.

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